History Painting

Posing as an open air painter, I  approached 1300 Logan Street in Denver with a photograph of a building that used to be there, the Chappell House. Among other things, this was an early home of The Denver Art Museum. The house was torn down in 1970 and replaced by an office building. I painted over the historical photo of the Chappell House, while recording the office building that sits in its place.



Logan and 13th Avenue, acrylic, 2010



I did a similar performance in the Cherry Creek shopping district, the site of the beloved book store, The Tattered Cover. In 2006, the bookstore was priced out of the Cherry Creek neighborhood and the building there now houses more exclusive and less beloved retail. Except for signage, the present building looks much like the historical photograph of the Tattered Cover. This time I painted at the site as an open air painter, but let my memories of and associations with the old bookstore embellish the photograph.  


Milwaukee St. and 1st Avenue, acrylic, 2010

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