The Principal’s Door

To start 21st century practices early, I introduce my kindergartners to site specific work as soon as possible. Sometimes we use our principal’s door as a place to hang our work immediately after it is made. This happens when our work is made as a gift specifically for her and it is hung by students themselves. To kindergartners, the principal is one of the most important persons in their life at school; a cross between a king and a fairy godmother. Her office is significant space to young children and thus becomes a highly charged place to put art.

We were soon to visit our Museum of Contemporary Art where Rebecca Di Domenico made an installation out of butterfly wings and mica. After looking at images of her work I asked students to make an installation of butterfly wings in our school for our principal. This prepared them some for the museum trip and also gave them their first installation experience. I wanted them to use highly realistic, butterfly images and respond to them with color. Student colored, cut, assembled, and placed the art.

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