The Library of Horrors

A Special Book Collection in a Deep Freezer, 2017

Because I teach about problematic art curriculum, people give me “multicultural” books that they find are hurtful towards the subjects of the book. Recently I realized that I have a substantial collection of these now. I mentioned it to my colleague and he said, “You have a library of horrors.” I mentioned it to a librarian and she said, “You have a special collection.” Should books ever be burned? I think not, but some should be frozen for examination, so I exhibited my collection in a fully functioning deep freezer.

My collection includes books that:

  • snuff out inquiry
  • marginalize people
  • inflate cultures of power
  • inoculate empathy
  • perpetuate stereotypes
  • sentimentalize reality
  • spurn non-capital producing items and ventures
  • exude hubris
  • dismiss metaphorical thinking
  • promote essentialism
  • silence manifold points of view

Redline 48 Hours of Socially Engaged Art, 2017

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