Tiny Worlds


Some people like to imagine little worlds that move alongside our own big world. They are almost invisible, but not to those who are on the look out. Folktales give us fairies and sprites. Authors like Mary Norton give us stories like The Borrowers.  Artist Liliana Porter  makes little worlds come alive for us. Artist Georgina Velarde and her Society of Smallness pass around a little gallery so that others can make a tiny art exhibit in it. Lots of people get turns to do it. Artist Slinkachu makes jokes out of his little worlds.

What do you see that gets overlooked sometimes? Why is it easy to miss these?


Take some very little people that are made for train sets and as we walk, find a scene for them to be in. You can work together or by yourself. You can have more than one character. Once you have them set up, tell a teacher and we will photograph it for you. If you want to leave your tiny person on site, do. If you want to take them with you, that is fine too.




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